WimTV is the open platform to create thematic Web TVs, publish and manage video programs and schedules supporting monetisation and trading of professional videos

An all inclusive video platform

WimTV is the best solution for those who look for a professional system to manage their videos on the cloud (WimBox) stream them on the web, on demand (WimVod) and live (WimLive) on mobile devices using the WimView app.

With WimTV you can realise in a simple and customised way video distribution systems that support monetisation, through various models such as pay-per-view or subscription. All payments are instantly accredited on your PayPal account.

WimTV can be perfectly integrated with your web site thanks to WimTVPro, the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla plugin that transforms your web site into an effective visual communication tool. With a unified plugin you can upload, store and publish on demand videos and playlists and stream live events directly from your web site, with a simple and intuitive control panel.

WimTV also offers video trading (WimTrade), a meeting point between video producers’ offer and video distributors demand in a business-to-business context. The WimLance app completes the picture with its video crowdsourcing via mobile capabilities.