Streaming of Theatre and Arts for old aGe Entertainment – STAGE


STAGE - Streaming of Theatre and Arts for old aGe Entertainment: develops an ICT platform that that will allow older people to access and consume on tablets a selection of cultural events provided via streaming technology by a European network of entities and stakeholders created by the project itself. The events will include theatre and opera performances, concerts and museum exhibits.



#SVB develops a platform to

  1. Manage User Profile

  2. Ingest Video Content

  3. Create Live Events

  4. Trade Video Assets

  5. Create Content Offerings

  6. Offer Analytics

  7. Social

  8. eLearning



  1. National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute - IT.

  2. Cedeo - IT.

  3. Accademia Nazionale Cultura Sportiva - IT.

  4. SIVECO Romania SA - RO.

  5. Georama LLC - CY.

  6. ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd. - PL.

  7. Pannon Business Network Association - HU.

  8. InfomatiX Hungary - HU.

  9. Materia - CY.