An all inclusive video platform

WimTV is the best solution for creating and managing your own professional Web TV. From your personal dashbord you can upload your videos, publish them for free or for a fee, make direct streaming and implement program schedules covering 24 hours.

PayPal integration lets you easily monetize your videos. Sell your videos on pay per view or enter them in a subscription. When they are purchased accreditation is immediate! You can also use our market to sell your content to other WebTVs.

Are you a web developer? Download GetWim! With the WimTV framework you have everything you need to create ad-hoc video solutions for you and your customers, from simple Web TVs to full fledged video portals.

Live streaming of large events

Do you have an event that you want to live stream?

Stream4U is the reliable, scalable and affordable solution for service everyone. We offer a complete solution for all needs: Live streams with corporate firewalls, high number of users, global coverage.

Ask for a free quote! Together we will find the best solution to stream your event!


  • LOAD BALANCING: event users are automatically directed to different servers to ensure maximum stability
  • TUNNELING: you no longer need to contact your corporate network because video streams will automatically go through firewalls
  • BACK UP SERVER: we can arrange for back-up servers that guarantee the service continuity in case of any technical problems on the main server
  • SHOOTING DEVICES: we support a wide range of shooting equipment and audio-video mixer
  • ASSISTANCE: our engineering department will provide assistance during your live event to provide the best possible service

Enrich your television program, meet your audience needs!

In the television world it is more and more important to keep the audience engaged, answer their curiosity and desire for entertainment and information, and make them more active in their viewer’s role. Today you have a new tool – TVBridge – that you can use to provide additional information on the same screen or on a second screen. Your viewers can interact with your programs by enabling them to explore further.

TVBridge is the solution for these use cases and many others:

  • easy to use: it does not require special technical skills
  • addiditive: it can be used in parallel the present production process
  • in line with the past: it does not interfere with the user experience of traditional TV viewers
  • innovative: it offers to those who want a new way to enjoy TV programs

You can use TVBridge for live events as well.

Stimulate more engagement and raise your program’s approval rate.

Extend your audience beyond your traditional basin.

Bring the TV experience into the social environment of your viewers.