Live Inducement of Multimodality by Promoting the Internet of Data (LIMPID) is a regional (Piemonte) project funded by Finpiemonte, building on the Smart Cities movement that promotes a sustainable city development and Internet of Data, an enabling technology because distributed knowledge is the basis to create the intelligence that will lead to valuable services.

LIMPID deals with transport issues in large cities (and other territories), focussing on the following objectives:

  • Creation of new data sources to monitor traffic and other parametres arising from users of transportation means and from infrastructure elements;
  • Use collected data to create services that are useful to citizens, feed a Decision Support System (DSS) enabling traffic monitoring (in a static and dynamic way) and supply a decision support system to public authorities (PA);
  • Use collected data as a basis to manage user side multimodality (through Apps) and extract information and forecasting (useful to both end users and PA).


Akhela Magneti Marelli
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella Politecnico di Torino
CSP Cedeo
ORS Archibuzz