Shop at your favorite market, while at home or work

Browse through real time 360° images, select and buy products sold on street market benches

Collect purchased items at collection points or receive them directly at your home



  • Enable online merchants selling in public areas to sell their wares online, transforming each street market bench into an online shop inside a virtual marketplace;
  • Give street merchants the chance to expand their business, without upsetting their way of working, thanks to an effective and intuitive technology;
  • Allow anyone, wherever they are, to shop in a street market in a few simple clicks via smartphone, tablet or PC.


What is StreetMarket 360?

An R&D project carried out by three companies in Turin active in the ICT/Web sector, supported by contributions of the Regional European Development Fund of the Italian State and the Region of Piemonte



  • First street market-based eCommerce;
  • Immersive and revolutionary shopping experience;
  • Easy and fast selling experience, seamlessly integrated into the merchants’ workflow;
  • Sustainable costs for sellers and buyers;
  • Enhancing the territory and small businesses, and respecting the environment;
  • Good for those who do not have the possibility or the time to shop at the market.


When will it be ready?

Going live in November 2018, stay tuned!






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