CEDEO has payed major role in the development of MPEG-M

ISO/IEC 23006 – Multimedia Service Platform Technologies (MPEG-M) is a suite of International Standards that enable easy design and implementation of media-handling value chains. MPEG-M devices hooked to MPEG-M value chains interoperate because they are all based on the same set of technologies, especially MPEG technologies, embedded in a middleware called MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM). Applications can access the technologies in the MXM through the API. Technologies and Protocols are wrapped in .

MPEG-M identifies and specifies Elementary Services and the corresponding set of protocols and APIs to support the current drive of service providers’ to deploy innovative multimedia services that enable any user in an MPEG-M value chain, e.g. creators and end users, to access services in an interoperable fashion.
Below a schematic representation of MPEG-M

The parts of the MPEG-M standards are

Part Title Description
Part 1 Architecture Defines the MPEG-M architecture
Part 2 MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM) API Specifies the middleware API
Part 3 Reference Software and Conformance Provides the Reference Software
Part 4 Elementary Services Specifies the Elementary Services
Part 5 Service Aggregation Specifies how to aggregate Services

CEDEO personnel have played a major role in the development of MPEG-M, in particular Part 2 MXM API, Part 3 Reference Software and Part 4 Elementary Services

Currently the Reference Software includes the following Technology and Protocol Engines

Engine type Engine name
Protocol Identify Content
Identify User
Authorise User
Create Licence
Technology Digital Item
Media Query
Media Framework
Semantic Overlay Network
Event Report