Open Connected TV (OCTV)

CEDEO has developed the OCTV Implementation Software for DMP

The Digital Media Project (DMP) has awarded the development of of Open Connected TV (OCTV) Implementation Software to CEDEO. OCTV seeks to enrich one-way TV services with two-way interoperable and multichannel content access and delivery. The OCTV Specification enables the creation and the OCTV software accelerates the development of a broad market of products, content, services and applications that enrich access to and delivery of one-way TV services with two-way interoperable multichannel content.

The DMP OCTV specification is based on international standards and the OCTV software implementation is of commercial-grade. The OCTV Software currently supports the following scenario:

Source creates file containing video, descriptive metadata and use rights, and uploads the file to “Server”
Server segments the video, posts the relevant data to the web site
Sink uses DASH to play content posted on “Server” according to use rights established at “Source”.

You can download and install Source and Sink for Windows 7 according to the following steps:

  1. Check to see whether java is installed in your machine
  2. If not installed, download and install your preferred Java version
  3. Download and install“vlc mxm mf engine” depending on your java version
  4. Download and install “octv sink and source”

When prompted use the following UN/PW: octvpub/22mxoctvm. If needed, refer to the DMP wiki (UN/PW: chillout/come2chillout) for additional technical information.