CEDEO develops major VCN-PS demonstration using

Video Centric Network (VCN) is a new network paradigm where storage, transfer and retrieval of information is not based on location but on identifiers. In VCN Publication of information and Subscription to (Pub/Sub) information are two basic and complementary functions. The FP7 CONVERGENCE project has developed, implemented and tested the specification of Pub/Sub based on the MXM architecture. CEDEO has now implemented Pub/Sub and storage/Retrieval of video using the DASH standard. The demo implementation is based on the model and walkthrough below.


  • SEGMENTER_SERVICE: segments video according to DASH
  • CREATOR: creates R-VDI, P-VDI and R-VDI
  • CONSUMER: retrieves R-VDI and plays video
  • Peer: the combination of CREATOR, CONSUMER and P-VDI/R-VDI match
  • DASH Segmenter: performs the actual segmentation
  • GST plugin: an extension to GStreamer
  • MXM: an instance of the MPEG Extensible Middleware
  • CoNet: an MXM Engine that interfaces with VCN
  • Overlay: the functionality as defined by CONVERGENCE
  • VLC MF: an MXM Media Framework Engine instance based on VLC
  • CONET Node: an instance of the VCN communication stack, running on a node of the physical network
  • CONET servlet: an interface that allows users of the VCN to inject and fetch from remote CONET Repositories
  • CONET Repository: a storage of the VCN for data segments and their associated identifier, local to a CONET node


1 CN-PS Creator
  • Displays form
2 Peer user
  • Enters Filename, Title, Set of tags and Licence (with encrypted decryption key) related to video
3 VCN-PS Creator
  • Sends video to Segmenter
4 Segmenter
  • Receives video
  • Segments video in DASH format
  • Creates MPD
  • Injects MPD with video segments to VCN
  • Notifies client when steps above are completed
5 VCN-PS Creator
  • Creates R-VDI (resource = mpd uri of video stored on VCN)
  • Stores R-VDI on VCN
  • Creates P-VDI (resource = R-VID, list of tags)
  • Publishes P-VDI on Overlay Network
6 VCN-PS Consumer
  • Shows list of subscriptions already made (+ list of tags)
  • Creates S-VDI (with specified list of tags)
  • Sends S-VDI to overlay
7 Generic Peer in Overlay Network
  • Receives publications and subscriptions
  • Executes matches
  • Generates and forwards ER to subscribed peers
8 VCN-PS Consumer
  • Receives event report and links it with relevant subscription
  • Retrieves R-VDI from VCN
  • Retrieves MPD URI from R-VDI
  • Renders video via http_proxy using VLC MXM MediaFramework